3-step formula for writing your USP

There’s a simple 3 step formula, and this is something we’re going to do. This is a formula created by a member of GKIC named John Carlton. And this is an easy way to create a USP. You can make it fast, you can make it slow, you can make it many different ways. There are people who have one word for their USP. So you don’t have to use this, but some people have trouble getting their minds going. So that’s what I want to do is help you get your mind flowing today.

Your USP is not product-driven, but specific to you and your customer. The USP defines your uniqueness in what your competitors don’t offer or won’t offer. Countless people can and will sell your product, but not everyone can bring to the table the special detail and care that you do. Focus your USP on your offering, your uniqueness and how it will benefit your customer.

1. You start the first part of your sentence with “we help whom?” Who is your market? We help who? And then the second question is “do”. We help who?..to do. And the to do is your unique. Here you need to make sure you offer your unique proposition. What is the benefit they will get? Your target audience gets this benefit.

2. To do: Describe what you do… this is where the uniqueness comes in. Tell someone how you are the one they want to work with based on what benefit you bring them. This is not about you… this is about how you and ONLY you can help them.

3. Even if: Here we bring in the worst-case scenario so they know you’ll be there for them when the worst happens. Maybe when they have a loss, maybe when they lose a loved one, maybe when they’re hurt. Use this section to let them know when you’ll be great and they’ll be forever glad to do business with you.

Remember you can’t be all things to all people…that’s not the reality. Customers that take up a lot of your time and energy cost you more in lost revenue than the value of keeping them. Our USP should revolve around attracting the right people. People you want to do business with and people who will refer business, increasing your influence in your community.