3 easy steps to get the cheapest car insurance quote

In this world of recession where everything seems to be on the rise, one wonders if there really is a simple strategy to reduce the cost of auto insurance. After all, we all know that insurance is a resentment purchase that we’d rather do without if it were possible!

In this article, we want to look at three very simple steps that you can implement starting today to get the cheapest car insurance quote.

Your very first plan of action is to try to reduce your overall risk profile before taking the next two steps. Let’s look at some of the steps you can take to reduce your overall risk profile.

Reducing your overall risk profile is not as difficult as it sounds and there are several ways to do it. The first thing you can do is focus on improving the safety aspects of your vehicle. Vehicle protection devices such as alarms, immobilizers and anti-hijack units usually improve the overall safety of your vehicle and entitle you to discounts.

However, you should install quality security equipment that is well known to the insurance industry. Of all the security equipment on the market, a tracking device will give you the highest discounts with virtually any insurance company you request a quote from.

Another important aspect that improves your risk profile is the security of your parking space at night. Virtually all insurance companies will inquire about your parking arrangements to determine the risk of theft based on where you park the vehicle overnight. While parking the vehicle on the street will give you the worst risk rating resulting in very high premiums, parking the car in a locked garage will save you money on your car insurance in the long run.

Other areas to consider in terms of improving your risk profile relate to developing safe driving habits and ensuring you remain insured at all times. This effectively reduces your overall risk profile and positively impacts your no-claim bonus rating.

The second important step to getting the cheapest auto insurance quote is to insure your vehicle for the right value. Most people mistakenly believe that the correct value for which their vehicles should be insured is the retail value. But the plain truth is that in the event of a total loss of your vehicle, your insurer isn’t going to pay you for its retail value, even though your premium was based on that amount.

So the best value for which your vehicle should be insured is the market value, or better yet, the trade value.

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Finally, you must make a dedicated effort to collect and compare as many quotes as possible. The real secret to dirty cheap auto insurance quotes lies in comparing different quotes. The good thing is that the advent of car insurance comparison sites has made it extremely easy to shop for cheap car insurance. With a comparison site you can easily compare multiple quotes from dozens of insurers with one click.